Buyer Solutions

Accounts Payable

Provide suppliers creating low-value invoices, an option to flip PO into an invoice for easier submission. In addition, suppliers can create PO-based or contract-based invoices.

Invoice Automation

Invoice automation at scale. Deploy Marmin’s AIML engine to extract invoice data and send it to your ERP. One to 100000 invoices processing in minutes

Supplier Portal

Give freedom to your suppliers. With ease, a supplier can now manage company information, update contact info, view received POs, submit invoices, etc.

Freight Forwarder Integration

Now it is easy to track purchase order shipments. In addition, your preferred freight forwarder/ logistics partner can integrate on Marmin and deliver you a seamless view of shipment statuses.

Supplier Management

Onboard, engage, and evaluate suppliers. Smooth and easily configurable forms make your supplier data collection flexible. In addition, open two-way communication using the chat feature on the platform allows companies to deliver transparency to the entire onboarding process.

Supplier Solutions

Order Consolidation

Customers can now send Purchase orders on Marmin. In addition, the supplier consolidates received orders for better visibility, better sourcing, and pricing goals.


A supplier can now send quotations to a received RFQ on the Marmin platform. In addition, customers registered on Marmin integrate their backend ERP for the automated transfer of RFQs.

Electronic Invoicing

Marmin’s invoice processing solution enabled suppliers to create electronic invoices compliant with ZATCA, Saudi Arabia’s requirement.

Compliant Invoices by Roaming Crew

Supplier’s roaming crew can now create invoices on the go, away from head office. Crew members issue compliant e-invoice to customers—seamless real-time synchronization occurs to head office and connected backend ERP systems.

AI Solutions

AI ML-based document data extraction.

Our AIML data capture engine can capture data from any PDF or a scanned document. The AI-based engine extracts data in minutes, whether invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, or bills of lading. As a result, minimal manual keying of data increases teams’ efficiency and productivity.